Saxophone Solo

Just Say Yes

Greg is playing an acoustic guitar but it is plugged into an amp giving it a hybrid in-between acoustic and electric feel. Sam Siddall’s drums bring the track to life along with Greg’s bass line. There is an alto sax solo with tenor sax added to create a mini horn section at the end of the solo. The lyrics have a lot of depth and spunk and speak of revolution, whether personal or social or both. Upbeat, revolutionary and spunky. [View Lyrics] 

Time: 5:31

Not Today, Not Tomorrow

Acoustic guitar starts this out and then real drums playing a kind of techno beat, kinda sorta…again, a rock song but a genre bending one. Vocals are about moving on and not putting up with a situation or person anymore. There is an alto sax solo. Acoustic techno folk? [View Lyrics]

Time: 3:26

The Pages Inside

There is a definite gypsy jazz feel to the guitar. A simple bass line goes well with the lively drums. On the chorus there is a reggae feel thrown into the gypsy jazz feel. A tenor sax solo adds to the jazzy side of it. The lyrics are quite literary. It’s difficult to accurately classify this song, but it works and it’s really good at being what it is. Some people won’t like it because it is hard to say exactly what it is, but for those with open minds and ears who are hungry for something that isn’t just like most of the other stuff out there, they will be happy to hear this song. [View Lyrics]

Time: 4:50

The Saddest Hardest Thing

Nice fingerpicking. The sad kind of love song. Sadness and heartbreak, lost love. Folky but with tremolo on the guitar which is played through an amp and effects on the sax, so folk meets rock. Nice sax solo and guitar instrumental at end of song.

Time: 5:27