Electric Guitar Solo

A Soldier's Song

This song has acoustic and electric guitars on it. The electric guitar has a Neil Young feel to it. A great groove with drums and bass. The bass is mainly driving and rhythmic but sings on the choruses. Vocals are the plaintive and direct words of a soldier, of all soldiers on all sides of every war, everywhere. While it is a song full of piss and vinegar and one could easily mistake it for a going to battle song to gather courage to fight, if one listens closely to the lyrics there is a not exactly hidden, but not obvious message that is definitely anti-war. [View Lyrics]

Time: 5:44

Going Better Now

This song starts out with chanting/singing that feels aboriginal perhaps, definitely a spiritual vibe to it. Then the drums and bass kick in and it is rock meets drum circle meets funky bass line???. An electric guitar solo later on makes rock the most likely genre to put this song. There is a fantastic groove going on in this song with the drummer beating on the toms giving it that aboriginal feel again. Lots of delay on the vocals and a funky bass line make placing this song in a genre difficult. The vocals are about change and better days coming when the wind and rain wash the dust away. [View Lyrics]

Time: 5:52

Where You Are

This is definitely a rocking rock song that happens to be played on an acoustic guitar, except for the electric guitar solo. There is a walking bass line bridge played by the guitar and bass that is really cool and changes up the feel before returning to the driving rock beat. The lyrics are simple and effective. It feels like the 60s and 70’s especially when the fuzz tone electric guitar solo kicks in. Old school rock with a twist. [View Lyrics]

Time: 4:05

The Red Pill

The title is a reference to the movie, “The Matrix”. Electric guitars create the trippy atmosphere for the vocals that seem to be describing a dream while the drums and bass hold down the rhythm. Down the rabbit hole you go when listening to this psychedelic rock song. [View Lyrics]

Time: 4:15