Just Say Yes

Greg is playing an acoustic guitar but it is plugged into an amp giving it a hybrid in-between acoustic and electric feel. Sam Siddall’s drums bring the track to life along with Greg’s bass line. There is an alto sax solo with tenor sax added to create a mini horn section at the end of the solo. The lyrics have a lot of depth and spunk and speak of revolution, whether personal or social or both. Upbeat, revolutionary and spunky. [View Lyrics] 

Time: 5:31

What We Do and Do Not Want

This song starts out with a funky bass line. The guitar is acoustic through an amp and has a slight Flamenco feel to it. Indie rock meets flamenco? There is a repeating delay on the vocals that give them a floating feel. The song is about loss and is passionate and urgent. Towards the end the laid back vibe of the song ends and the drums kick it up several notches and it becomes a driving improvisational jam until the end of the song. [View Lyrics]

Time: 4:20

A Soldier's Song

This song has acoustic and electric guitars on it. The electric guitar has a Neil Young feel to it. A great groove with drums and bass. The bass is mainly driving and rhythmic but sings on the choruses. Vocals are the plaintive and direct words of a soldier, of all soldiers on all sides of every war, everywhere. While it is a song full of piss and vinegar and one could easily mistake it for a going to battle song to gather courage to fight, if one listens closely to the lyrics there is a not exactly hidden, but not obvious message that is definitely anti-war. [View Lyrics]

Time: 5:44