Don't Give Up

This is an instrumental. Acoustic guitar played with two handed tapping and delay to create a tender, adventurous soundscape. A really cool ebow solo gives the natural acoustic an electronic feel. There is a lot of feeling in this song and it inspires one to, as the title says, keep on fighting.

Time: 4:48


Bisbe Street

After the bare bones stripped down sax and drum song before, this song sounds like a full orchestra. Bowed double bass and overdubbed saxophones provide a full almost classical sound, very upbeat and positive, but tender and full of feeling and beauty. The drums played with brushes is the base on which this unconventional orchestra is played upon. Unique, yes truly, this song is it’s own genre. You could almost call it new agey, but these are musicians playing real instruments, not keyboards or synthesizers.

Time: 4:40