Greg Grant

Everything To Me

The genre is rock/alt country. There is an alto sax solo. The guitar licks are smooth and fluid. The upright bass and drums make a groovy background for Greg’s guitar and vocals about love. This is a very upbeat, happy song, nothing dark about it. Pure acoustic sunshine.

Time: 4:01

They Know Our Names

Acoustic rock. A rock song about living in harmony with nature. But it’s not cheesy the way songs with acoustic guitars about living in harmony with the earth often are. It has an edge, despite being acoustic, and a sophistication to it. There is a middle section with a bass solo with lots of slapping and it enters another musical world before returning to the original groove.

Time: 3:51

You and I

Definitely a love song. There is a tenderness, a feeling of being in love present in the music and feel of this song. Genre wise it is kinda jam band rock meets rock. An unusual guitar line makes it unique. Acoustic and electric guitars, drums, bass and Greg’s vocals will get you dancing as well as making you smile remembering your past and present loves.

Time: 4:25

Jupiter Watches

A slight hip hop drum feel to this, but it is funky acoustic rock. Acoustic guitar, bass, drums, vocals and an energetic alto sax solo. Lyrically it is about Jupiter and love. Refreshing in that it doesn’t sound like everything else and upbeat, bouncy and fun.

Time: 4:44

Impossible Goodbye

Another acoustic guitar based love song. Rock. A really cool bass line, drums, acoustic guitar with vocals and an alto sax solo, There is nice instrumental break with an atmospheric guitar line and sax solo. Lyrically it is about saying goodbye to a girl because of having to move on, life on the road. If this was electric guitar, it would really rock but because it’s acoustic it rocks in a mellow way.

Time: 5:06

Mrs. Green Blues

Acoustic guitar, bass, drums and vocals set up this rock song. There is an electric guitar solo that makes it really rock for a bit, before laying back to the acoustic groove again. The bass and drums and guitar set up a dark, smokey groove for greg’s cryptic lyrics.

Time: 4:32


Acoustic guitar through an amp, bass, drums and vocals and shaker on this. This is rock with a touch of gypsy jazz meets flamenco. A really groovy groove, deep, dark and dirty but still clean because it’s acoustic. Very positive lyrics about the sunshine shining again after rain. A metaphor that could apply to a lot of different situations. A very strong song.

Time: 3:50

Kings and Queens

A killer bass line sets this one up for acoustic guitar, drums, vocals and an alto sax solo. Psychedelic rock with a latin feel. Lyrics are profound and unsettling. This is not sugar coated pop music, it’s too real for that category. It’s time to “Dream our own dream”.

Time: 4:41

Means To An End

Acoustic guitar, bass, drums, vocals and alto saxophones for the solo section. A definite flamenco vibe to the guitar. The mood is bittersweet, there is a sadness in the song but it is also uplifting, healing and soothing.

Time: 4:59

Over and Beyond

Acoustic guitar, drums, bass, vocals, alto saxophone. A psychedelic love song. Fingerpicked guitar with strummed, flamenco style breaks. Lots of feeling and lots of force in this one. The ending is dreamlike with a sax solo and cymbal washes and bowed bass.

Time: 4:24