The Same

Organ, acoustic guitar and vocals with an alto sax solo. This is a mystical song/journey. It feels like The End by The Doors, a bit in the mood it creates. The lyrics are mystical and mysterious. Still in the genre of rock, but it transcends the genre.

Time: 4:27


Fingerpicked acoustic guitar, flutes and vocals. This is a beautiful sad love song. The flutes act as a background like a keyboard that breathes. Greg’s voice is sad, you can feel the heartbreak.

Time: 5:37

The Saddest Hardest Thing

Nice fingerpicking. The sad kind of love song. Sadness and heartbreak, lost love. Folky but with tremolo on the guitar which is played through an amp and effects on the sax, so folk meets rock. Nice sax solo and guitar instrumental at end of song.

Time: 5:27