Bigger Isn't Better

Acoustic and electric guitars play a great driving melody line on this song. Rock and alt country for the genre for this song. The lyrics don’t pull any punches and are slightly political arguing against urban sprawl and keeping things small.

Time: 3:55

Before I Go

Acoustic guitar in an open tuning with an almost African beat on the drums and shaker. The lyrics are about time and doing things NOW. Genre would have to be, African alt country/rock. With just one guitar and drums and shaker, the instrumentation is super simple and minimal but the song is still quite full sounding and interesting to listen to because of the flowing nature of the guitar which drives the other instruments.

Time: 4:42

21st Century Pioneer

More slide guitar on this one with an alt country rock feel. No bass, just guitar and drums and vocals, but it really works. Creative singing and lyrics. Lyrics are about getting back to the country life.

Time: 3:51

The So-Called Truth

Bass, drums and acoustic and electric guitars along with greg’s vocals on this song. Alt country/rock for the genre. Some really interesting lyrics on this one delivered plainly without anything extra. Right to the heart of the matter with little adoration, no cellos, no violins. Electric guitar solo.

Time: 4:12

Montana Is My Home

No more alt country vibe on this one, we are onto rock/conga rock. A groovy bass line, congas and electric and acoustic guitars and an alto sax solo supporting greg’s vocals about missing Montana while living in a big city.

Time: 4:04

Still Smiling

Congas and acoustic and electric guitars supporting Greg’s vocals again on this song. Conga rock would be the genre if that exists. If it doesn’t exist, it should. Heartfelt and meaningful lyrics about hardship but delivered in an upbeat song. Pure sunshine again on this song. This one will pick you up if you are feeling down. 

Time: 4:57

She's A Girl

Two acoustic guitars in an open tuning with Greg’s vocals and drums. A solo section with slide guitar and alto sax. This is a super positive and upbeat tune. The song is about the world needing more feminine energy, more women in power to get away from the negative state it is in.

Time: 4:12

Everything Is Alright

Drums, acoustic and electric guitars, vocals and an alto sax solo. A bittersweet song, sad but happy at the same time. Melancholic but still forceful. Hard times yielding to better times. Warm and fuzzy.

Time: 4:10


Acoustic and electric guitars with drums and vocals. This is indie rock with a bit of a reggae feel. The lyrics are about love and death, letting go and saying goodbye but meeting again someday, somehow.

Time: 4:38


Just acoustic and electric guitars supporting Greg’s vocals on this one with an alto sax solo. This one could be pegged as psychedelic folk rock. Inspiring and atmospheric music is a good background for the lyrics about the winged horse, Pegasus, and being flown away to another world.

Time: 4:08

Don't Give Up

This is an instrumental. Acoustic guitar played with two handed tapping and delay to create a tender, adventurous soundscape. A really cool ebow solo gives the natural acoustic an electronic feel. There is a lot of feeling in this song and it inspires one to, as the title says, keep on fighting.

Time: 4:48